Hoop Earrings – The Most Trusted Ways to Ace Them!

A pair of perfect gold or silver plated hoop earrings with the perfect choice of attire can add more charm to your fashion statement, and indeed, they can help you become the center of attraction! Be it a formal office party or a cool beach hangout session with friends, hoops are always good to put on!

However, there’re many who find acing hoop earrings a bit challenging and this post is dedicated to them. Don’t stop yourself from getting these awesome pieces of jewelry home only because you are yet to find out the correct way to ace them! Check this guide and make the job of getting the pair of hoop earrings easy! It suggests the easiest ways to ace hoops properly.

Acing the Right Hoop Earrings – The Best Tricks

Let’s find out how we can select the right pairs of hoop earrings. Here we go!

Unique and Gorgeous

If you are going to attend a semi-formal event, don’t miss on leveraging the power of playing around with your accessories. This will definitely help you to stand out in the crowd. Pick up a pair of medium-length, multi-stoned hoops and add more elegance to your look.

The ultimate touch of Aristocracy

A hoop earring goes well with almost every outfit. They can help you look even classier when you wear them with a casual outfit. All you need to do is to put on a pair of medium or large-sized half hoops. Trust me you are going to call it a day!

The perfect style statement

Hoops are known for their ability to highlight your chick bones and jawline. Hence, you can say that they are the best pick when it comes to defining your facial features. So, now it’s not necessary to be over the top. A perfect pair of big hoops, ripped jeans, and a button-down shirt will show off your style.

Find out the wild you

Planning for a weekend night out with your dear one? To complement your outfit and look perfect on that special day, you can rely on big hoop earrings. Make a tight top bun, wear a Little Black Dress, and put on a pair of black stilettos.

Now, when you know about choosing the right hoop earrings depending on the occasion, style, or outfit it’s time to put some light on how to pick up the right sized hoop earrings.

The size of the pair of hoops effectively controls the way you look. It plays a vital role in framing your face. The below section of this post will help you in knowing about the size selection of hoop earrings.

Picking up the size of your hoop earrings

Let’s find the details of different-sized hoop earrings so that you can make out what’s perfect for you.

Small hoops – Under 20 mm

Small hoops, affectionately called huggie hoops by hoop lovers, a perfect for everyday wear. They carry a subtle and elegant look. Besides, they are eye-catching, especially those which are diamond-studded. This fashion jewelry goes well with most face-shaped. On the other hand, they can be the best choice who prefers to keep their long hair down. This is because small hoops help in creating a unique silhouette amongst flowing locks.

Medium hoops – 20 to 50 mm

If you love gold or silver hoop earrings you should always go for the medium-sized ones. These hoops are the favorites of many because of their highly versatile outlook. Doesn’t matter if you have bobbed hair or graduation cut hairstyles, medium hoops go well with all hairstyles.

Moreover, they flatter all face shapes and pair perfectly with casual as well as formal attires. So, if you are looking for a way to change up your look with just a single piece of jewelry, you can rely on medium hoop earrings for sure.

Large hoops – 50mm and more

Large hoops have won over the hearts of fashionistas across the globe with their distinctively bold attribute. In case, you want to create a statement with your appearance on any special occasion, a pair of large hoop earrings is a perfect choice.

Large hoops can go well with any face shape but if you are the one with a more elongated, wide, or angular face shape, these will flatter even better. When it comes to talking about the hairstyles that support large hoops then they are the best with chic updos and any other hairstyle that keeps away hair from the face.

In a one-liner, the hairstyles that allow the hoops to drag full focus upon the earlobes, a perfect for large hoops.

Some more things to consider for picking up the right sized hoop earrings

To integrate this awesome daily staple into your fashion habits, picking up the right size of hoop earrings is imperative. Here are some important factors to consider before you go ahead with the purchase.

Check your wardrobe and accessories collection before buying a pair of new hoop earrings

If you see that your wardrobe has a good collection of designer attires from different urban-inspired brands then you are in bad need of large hoops. On the other hand, if you find your wardrobe full of semi-formal/semi-casual attire, you should consider purchasing some pairs of small hoops.

Check the measurements

Generally, hoop dimensions are measured in millimeters. Check and compare the dimensions thoroughly before you go ahead with the purchase. For example, if you find a pair of hoops with a 30-32 mm dimension, they will have a size similar to a half-dollar coin.

Don’t forget to consider your lifestyle

Are you a working woman, a student, or a dedicated home-maker? Your lifestyle impacts a lot when it comes to picking up the right-sized hoop earrings. In case, you are a working woman or a student, you should always go for creating a great collection of small-sized hoops.

On the other hand, if you are a homemaker and often visit parties or occasions, you should go for the hoops that carry a more gorgeous look.

Some finer details related to hoop earrings

If you have found out the right hoop earrings size, let’s help you in understanding some of their final details like their width, design, and metals they are made up of.


The width of hoop earrings impacts their appearance. Besides, it also regulates the type of looks they go well with. Usually, sleek hoop earrings go perfectly with casual attires, whereas the wide ones pair well with more formal looks because of their glamorous aesthetic.

Now, when it comes to tallying the size with the width of your hoops, you should be a little careful. A wide yet tiny pair of hoops can flatter your everyday wear. However, they will carry a comparatively more glamorous look than a seek pair of small hoops.

Similarly, sleek large hoops can bring a more delicate look if compared to the wider ones.


While selecting your hoops earrings, you may become confused about picking up a plain metal pair or the one with a more flashy approach. The only way to get rid of this confusion is to consider your preference before picking up your pair of hoops.

You should ask yourself what are you looking for – is it something more ornate or something simple? Or maybe something in between? Once you get the answer, you can go ahead with your purchase. You can go for delicate diamonds, engravings, eye-catching gemstones and many more.


The metal that’s been used to manufacture a beautiful pair of hoop earrings determines its look and feel. The most common style notes with different precious metal options have been discussed below.

White gold

If you are looking for something sophisticated, that pairs well with any skin tone you can go for white gold hoops. They will help you in bringing you a royal look.


Platinum looks are elegant and luxe. They go best with formal attire.

Traditional yellow gold

They are classic and royal. If you love to wear ethnic, they can complement your style the best.

Rose gold

Rose gold hoop earrings are extremely romantic and trendy. If you are the one with a natural skin tone, rose gold hoop earrings are made for you. However compared to the other metal hoops, the rose gold ones are a little less available.

Final word

So, these are the basics of buying the perfect hoop earrings. Hope you find them useful. Finally, before you invest your hard-earned money in increasing the collection of your accessories with beautiful hoops; don’t forget to select an authentic and trustworthy merchant.

Thanks to the power of technology, you can great hoop earrings delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks. They are available online! So what are you waiting for? Get your favorite hoop jewelry home today.

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